What is the purpose of a split level home?

If you’re considering building a new home from scratch, chances are you’ve looked at hundreds of different floorplans. House designs are often created with one or many goals in mind. Some plans support energy efficiency while others take advantage of all the space available. After looking at a few plans for house and land packages you’ll find some do both!

Split level home designs are fast becoming a popular choice for new home builders. This home design is perfect for houses built on uneven land with slopes. A typical split level home features a master bedroom that’s separated from other bedrooms. The house can feature between two to three short flights of stairs that can connect separate levels of the house.

More privacy

A split level home can provide a lot of privacy for anyone sleeping in the master bedroom. The design for this home effectively separates the master bedroom from the rest of the bedrooms in the house. Other designs may even separate the master bedroom from rooms such as the kitchen or living room. 

The master bedroom is usually separated from rooms such as the kitchen and living room to avoid the noises generated from them. These rooms are usually classified as high traffic rooms because they are the ones often being used the most outside of sleep routines. 

So the master bedroom occupants are far less likely to hear sounds booming from a TV while the kids play videogames. Alternatively, they won’t hear the sounds of appliances being used when there’s a hungry teenager making snacks. Key design features like these are often highlighted in split level house and land packages. 

Energy efficient

Aside from the obvious advantages, you may be surprised to know that a split level home can be very energy-efficient. Separate levels in a floor plan make it easier to facilitate climate control with the ease of natural light, airflow, and ventilation. Levels buried into the ground stay cool during Summer and require no energy that would have been used for air conditioning.

Split level homes don’t drastically change the landscape they’re built on. It’s also one of the reasons why your home preserves the land’s ability for natural drainage without the need for expensive drainage systems. This design feature really pays off during long periods of rain when flowing water can easily be diverted away from your home’s structure. 


As previously mentioned, the construction of a split level home doesn’t drastically change the land it’s built on. The designs of these homes are essentially moulded to fit around the land’s natural features. There’s no need to waste money on additional landscaping work to accommodate your new house and land package

What a lot of new home builders don’t realise is just how expensive it can be to level out a block of land for construction. Cutting a sharp-angled block of land can quickly increase your building costs if your builders discover unforeseen rock, water pipes, or poor soil that needs to be removed.

Space saver

Split level home designs tend to use floor space more efficiently. One level of a house may use rooms such as a living room or kitchen to separate two sleeping zones. By utilising a configuration like this, you save space. There’s no need for hallways which are traditionally used to separate sleeping zones in house and land package designs.

If your split level home is built on a significant slope, it opens up the opportunity to create underground rooms and storage areas. Popular designs take full advantage of the slope by incorporating an underground garage, workshop, gym or even a wine cellar. The additional elevation from your land’s slope could also be used to create a private patio.

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